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发布者: VernonFract 发布时间: 2020-05-31 00:34:39
Wa pubs clubs smoke ban moves closer BelfastTelegraph.co.uk A Belfast pub has voted against a smoking ban after it warned of a health risk to pubs patrons. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/belfast-pint-clubs-smoke-ban-move-closer-35027406.html https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/incoming/article35027404.ece/9e5b5/AUTOCROP/h342/pintheresa_a.jpg


A Belfast pub has voted against a smoking ban after it warned of a health risk to pubs patrons.

More than 200 people signed the petition for smoking ban reforms that was submitted to the pub industry watchdog in March, warning of the health risks.

A number of pub owners have told the pub industry body they may decide to ban smoking in their premises and the issue has been referred to the Government.

The pub owners claim there is no public health argument behind banning smoking in the pub on Saturday and so the ban should not be put forward for legislative consideration before May.

A recent survey carried out by the Alcohol Industry Group (AIG) found that almost six out of 10 men in pubs in Northern Ireland have a "strong tobacco or alcohol use disorder".

The AIG research of 1,005 members from across Northern Ireland between July and November 2012 found:

23 per cent of male pub owners have reported that they smoke in their pubs

43 per cent said they smoked during work hours and 40 per cent said they had previously

23 per cent of male pub owners reported smoking in front of customers

In the study, pub owners were asked if they smoke in their own buildings.

AIG assistant director for research Chris McLoughlin said: "While alcohol is clearly a public health risk there are not enough available studies to determine whether a smoking ban on Saturday is the healthiest thing to do for pubs or what health risks could be created by the ban if it were to be put forward as a public health measure in future.

"There are clearly some very real issues with the way we are promoting alcohol and in the pubs.

"The pub industry needs to keep all our options open and be vigilant in how we educate pubs, promote safe drinking and promote social awareness about drinking."

Belfast Telegraph Digital
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Nrl interview jarrod mullen at rtnews dot com -------------- Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @GordonGChiara

发布者: Davidthini 发布时间: 2020-05-31 00:34:39
Police raid reveals north nowra drug lab

FORT WORTH (KFSM) -- Investigators say they have found drugs on a southbound I-10 exit ramp, and investigators say the suspect, a man in his mid-30s, was wearing a white T-shirt and red pants when he entered the gas station near the I-10 Freeway.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports:

"When police got there they were on the opposite side of the gas pump on I-10 West to where the suspect was, where the officer told them he was leaving. They say the suspect said, 'I'm not going there.'"

A search warrant was issued Thursday. Investigators say the suspect had a handgun and was wearing bluejeans, grey cargo shorts and a T-shirt. He was wearing sunglasses on his right eye.
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Govt urged to stop rising fuel prices despite 'fiscal deficit'

Rajan said that the government needs to change course and take action on the deficit so that it doesn't "get bogged down" in the ongoing dispute over the sale of an airline. He also added that while India is "not a developing country" it does need to invest in its infrastructure and promote exports to help boost economic growth, which has stalled in the first quarter of the year.

"What our government has to do is to take serious steps to change course and stop rising fuel prices," Rajan said. The government needs to change course and take action on the deficit so that it doesn't "get bogged down" in the ongoing dispute over the sale of an airline https://t.co/fJZRUJKlHZ — The Economic Times (@ETTimes) September 30, 2017

Rajan also said that India needs to "put India first," adding that as chief minister of Karnataka, Narendra Modi has put India first, while his BJP government will look towards the future without "politicians and bureaucrats." He also added that while the government needs to take "all measures to ensure the economic development of the country," "I'm sure we have to get a fiscal deficit". Rajan, who is also the country's finance minister, said the debt-to-GDP ratio is not sustainable in the long-run and "the only way to resolve it is to invest in infrastructure and development".

For all the latest India News, download Indian Express App

发布者: VernonFract 发布时间: 2020-05-30 23:04:26
Dishonourable members episode 25: fact check friday's post in response to the story.

(The above link is to an earlier article, however this year's article is a little different in how it is formatted, and there is also a link to the second story in chronological order.)
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Vic liberals to boost rural hospital funding."

In his interview with the newspaper, Bishop said he hoped to take his ideas about Catholic care to the next level by inviting the bishops to help fund a hospital in the United States.

In addition to establishing a hospital of his own, Bishop said he would want his church to run outreach programmes for students at colleges and universities as well as in rural areas.

A cardinal who can get around traditional views on contraception is an unusual sight. Cardinal Timothy Dolan was given a sainthood nomination by Pope Francis last year for his work in promoting women's rights while working at the New York archdiocese between 1985 and 1988, including his "secret memo" on contraception, which was leaked to The New Yorker in 1998.

发布者: Vernonlow 发布时间: 2020-05-29 16:54:18
Apollo bay crayfish, an invasive species with large fins

Diet: Fish are scavengers, feeding on any living things they find. They spend their lives trying to become accustomed to a new environment so they can breed again.

When migrating birds fly

Birds' flight can also be influenced by the environment. An experiment using artificial lighting in the Antarctic showed that even bright lights had an effect on the amount of heat given off by the birds.


Bright lights are used for lighting up the night as a distraction

They have been used for a long time as an alternative to bright lighting due to their long lasting effects on human sleep.


A light fixture emitting light at a speed of 1.6m/s (5,6 miles per hour) is sufficient for most conditions. Even 10ft (3.6m) are needed at night to create the illusion of a full day.

When flying

Flying takes up all the energy from the sun as it passes through the sky and causes the human body to heat up during flight. This heat in turn causes the human body to heat up, which causes an increase in body heat. There is an argument that flying causes more heat than standing in hot air!

The sun is considered to create heat on Earth because it takes up energy in every single part of our body. This means that if you're sitting on the beach in the middle of the day and don't bathe you're going to sweat a lot.

The only reason for using lights in an artificial setting is to brighten up the environment, for example, to see the stars.

Diet: Most birds feed mainly on small animals and marine organisms, but also fish.

Birds can only eat animals from a specific section of the food chain

One of the biggest challenges to the conservation of this magnificent species is to protect the birds from overfishing, where the majority of the fish they eat are not raised to be fully edible.

Birds have to find alternative food sources, particularly when they live on land

The first step is to get rid of many of the exotic species. The habitat and food it takes up to grow an adult are limited and the water quality is poor. It's also important to establish an artificial feeder and to create a large net.

When looking after the birds' nutrition:

To protect the habitat: Cut down on the number of wild birds in a field and remove plants to protect the natural habitat

Insects can spread diseases that harm birds

To restore the birds' health: Provide them with fish, feed them through the hatcher
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Mccarthy should australia put boots on the ground in syria? the_silver_age: i was just watching someone say how we've come to an agreement in honduras. kosovo is so fucking awesome! brian_brook: that's a fantastic analogy - it feels like we're at the edge of a mountain in our own backyard. :D pham: it's not our home, it's just a piece of land. it's kind of like a city of the ocean or something, but smaller and a little bit less populated? the_silver_age: we can easily build bigger enclaves and the population gets even larger and we lose all the population and we still can't get control of the country the_silver_age: i'm assuming that the west isn't in any way more dangerous because of the new west-phobia? if i were you, it'd be a great story to tell. the_silver_age: even though it's not a true example, i imagine the world wouldn't end until someone made the new west an urban and populated city the_silver_age: or that even in a world of chaos, someone would need a way of fighting back and getting the better of the new west so that shit could come back down the road if necessary the_silver_age: and we could take back our future and continue to build a better world in some part of the world while the shit went down to shit. the_silver_age: the new west is still shit the_silver_age: but we can start a new nation in our little corner the_silver_age: i guess we might just call the thing that started it all brian_brook: i thought about this for a minute one day at work and it made me want to cry and it just made me realize how lucky i am that i'm part of the only generation in america where kids actually understand the world outside of the ghetto. the_silver_age: and even though it might sound silly and dumb, we're supposed to feel like it makes sense the_silver_age: i'm thinking of how i should spend my life teaching my kids to think like a civilized human being the_silver_age: but they also need to be taught to have empathy the_silver_age: i feel as though they'll be just as capable of being decent humans as our own country the_silver_age: so when it comes down to it i can't imagine the rest of the world not being an equal opportunity messiah brian_brook: i think the idea of our west being a real civilization is the one thing that would be nice the_silver_age: but they can't be that civilized if the west isn't a real civilization, nor can they be civilized if the

发布者: DavidpaM 发布时间: 2020-05-29 15:38:17
Cleaver wielding thief jailed after botched bank robbery

In a statement, the Bank of Scotland said: "Banks are being advised to ensure their staff are well trained, aware of modern methods, and prepared for any incident that may occur."

Image copyright PA Image caption John McDonnell (centre) with David Cameron when he visited Edinburgh

Earlier, the Prime Minister said police were not treating the attack as terrorist-related.

"This was not an act of terrorism and no member of the public had been involved in any action and no armed person was involved," he said.

"There are not people involved in this and we are working through it.

"Police and the security services need to get to the bottom of this but we need everyone's help."

"There are no further details. The police are fully co-operating with the inquiry."

At a press conference in the Whitehall Palace the prime minister said his security detail was now being increased to around 20.

He stressed that his team was co-operating fully with a police investigation, with the Metropolitan Police now on the scene, to ensure safety for individuals.

Vic liberals to boost rural hospital funding

"We need to invest in rural healthcare and promote education."

He said the Liberals were "in favour of investing in rural healthcare and promoting education" but said there were "some significant changes" to the way the Liberals planned to implement the changes.

Nelson said the Liberal MP would also introduce legislation for a second time this year to give more resources to the state's small and medium-sized businesses by increasing the eligibility of the Green Investment Fund, which allows the federal government to provide money to help small businesses.

The Greens, who won the May election on a promise to increase taxes on the wealthiest Canadians to balance the budget, want to ensure the fund is used to support local and community businesses.

Nelson said the Liberals were committed to raising $10 billion to help small business and community economies.

"We want them to invest in small businesses and make sure that they're making loans in this country so they're helping local communities in these communities get the skills they need," Nelson said. "There are some significant changes to the way the Liberals plan to implement the reforms."

发布者: Vernonlow 发布时间: 2020-05-29 15:38:10
Police officer trial for ramming teen with police car thornlie.com

Stray dog kills dog owner in driveway

The jury found that, since he was not driving the car, no fault was involved in his death.

The jury also found that the trial judge's handling of the police officer's testimony was flawed.

The jury found that it was likely the officer's false testimony that led to the death of 15-year-old Jayden James.

"It shows the jury what I know. I know all it takes is one officer, or one officer's testimony that can make all the difference in a fatal police shooting. … [T]here are officers all across the nation — officers from every department — that believe they're immune from criminal prosecution because they are truthful and truthful witnesses to police shootings," he said after the verdict was read.

James was killed by Nicholas "Dirty Pete" Anderson, who was later released from jail pending trial.

After he died, Anderson left his gun, which he used to fire multiple shots into James' car and drive away with his girlfriend. Anderson was sentenced to 24 years for attempted murder and five years for aggravated assault.

In his opening statement, Anderson said he saw James' car stop in the middle of the road. Anderson thought he saw a car on fire.

"After doing some more research, I realized the vehicle that was on fire was mine," Anderson said in his opening statement Monday afternoon.

"I saw my wife walking out the passenger side, and she said, 'You got to take it over, this is my boyfriend, he got shot,'" Anderson said. "I turned around, put my foot down, put my hand behind my head, and I just took the vehicle over to (James') home where my wife was."

Jurors heard testimony from three different witnesses, as they tried to prove that Anderson would have to explain the officer's shooting to people who were in the car with James.

Jurors heard the evidence as police approached their car around 10:15 a.m. February 5, 2014.

According to testimony, a detective came to the scene and asked Anderson if he needed any help. He was told no.

Juror Michael Pendergrass later said that Anderson wasn't able to give more information, and later testified, "It's my understanding he told the officer, 'I killed him.'"

Anderson went out to the neighborhood with the girls and heard their mother's screams, as they drove around the intersection, where a car came barreling up to the street. It was Anderson's turn to try to drive the car off the road. Anderson said his job was to look for an exit to the road, and h

Gold miner doray to begin compulsory acquisition for its clients in May. The company, which is controlled by India's richest man Vedanta, plans to acquire 25 million shares of Class B shares.

The company will also buy another five million shares of Class A shares in the same period.

The move follows a consultation with banks, which recommended its entry in March, after discussions were held with a banking industry body, the National Industry Federation of India (NIFI).

"There has been no shortage of discussions with banks with regards to us, but the only condition before they would enter into discussions was the creation of a strong banking entity in India," he told PTI.

He said that "in the next quarter or a year, if it's necessary, we would decide whether to go for a pre-condition purchase, or not to go for it."

The company plans to create a national network to provide "access to its services and banking products to its clients with a clear focus on low-cost, fair and transparent transactions, consistent with the highest standards of banking".

Vedanta has proposed to invest up to Rs 2,500 crore in its Mumbai operations. While that investment would help its stake in Coal India expand to more than 15 per cent, it would also be aimed at attracting investments from smaller investors.

On the question of acquiring Class B shares of the group for its investors, Mr. Mody, who heads Edico Capital said that there were "no specific rules or conditions or commitments that dictate a specific level of investment in order for the company to obtain a position of majority interest.

It is important to note, however, that the group is already in favour of any future purchase."

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Всем успехов!

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Campaign in wentworth gives king satisfaction - King Charles in his early days had a taste for fine horses, a desire to prove himself worthy of his royal titles, and the opportunity to have them trained, not unlike the horses he had in the Middle Ages. The king, as with many other subjects, could make the horses for himself at his leisure. The idea of "the king's horse" had become a standard word used by the press for an exotic animal which looked, and worked, like a horse, but was otherwise indistinguishable from those used by ordinary people. The phrase "the King's horse" was widely adopted. The royal horse was seen in public as the best and most handsome kind of animal on offer to King Charles's wealthy subjects.

Ramsay's choice of horses, although originally imported by Cromwell to keep the king out of sight, had not been known until his death by poisoning at Winchester in 1640. For a number of years Ramsay, by his own admission, had had no horses at all, but had been impressed by a description that was published in the London Evening Chronicle on 14 July 1639. He had seen several specimens of horse in the old school of English art at Oxford and found them as excellent as anything on offer on the Continent, and he was very glad to find the horses that a knight from Winchester could purchase for nothing a very handsome set which cost £5 or £6. He had also noticed that a very large number of the horse's saddles were made of gold or silver rather than copper, and thought it worth while to have one of such good quality. A royal family in Britain could be expected to buy very large number of such equine saddles, so he took it upon himself to buy six for £10 each. Two he sold at a loss (one sold at auction and the other was taken away from his estate in 1570) and sent them on to England. His only son, Charles, was so surprised by his son's purchase that he sent him out in a body to buy some at a greater or lesser loss (both were unsuccessful). His purchases were carefully reviewed and accepted by a committee appointed by Henry III. to determine the exact extent of the sale. This committee was headed by Lord Salisbury, and included Sir Matthew Sydenham (one of the earliest experts in the English art, whose influence on medieval English art is felt most vividly by English artists today), Sir William Farrard (who studied at the University of Kent), and Lord John Macquarie, who was later Bishop of Winchester and Bishop of Cambridge.

The committee concluded that the King of France, Charles the second, had bought six horses for £10 each, but he had not bought any in a single sale, not even to sell at his brother Henr

Monash westgate lanes deal investigated after one woman was allegedly struck by train


Key points: A woman had been on the tram when it hit a pedestrian and an officer stepped on her, the woman said

An officer has been reprimanded after the incident and another may be disciplined, an investigation has found

The woman was seen walking her dog near the intersection with westgate roads when the incident took place, but she stopped short of the edge

Police are investigating an incident involving an officer after a woman was on a tram at the west end of the Capital in Melbourne's west on Sunday afternoon.

The 33-year-old pedestrian was walking her dog on the tram near the junction with westgate road at about 11:30am when she was hit by a train.

It took an officer to intervene because the woman was walking her dog, which can become agitated as it is scared.

She walked to the westbound crossing to call for help while the tram and a second tram were stopped at the intersection, but walked away from the tram as two officers approached.

The woman and a witness watched the officers enter the tram, walk over and help the pedestrian to safety as she was rushed to hospital.

However, this version has been disputed by several people on social media and police said a report into the matter is currently underway.

The woman was seen walking the dog just across the road.

She spoke to 7.30 about the incident later that night and said police were making enquiries on whether she was struck by the tram.

"I guess it's all very strange but we haven't really had the investigation in terms of the injuries because we haven't seen anything but we're getting more and more people to come forward, the police are coming forward and people are coming forward so hopefully this will open up some new avenues," she said.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, described the incident on Facebook and said that two police officers approached her after the incident and helped her onto the tram.

She described one officer as "very apologetic" and said she was grateful a video was taken.

"I would just like to say it was a mistake and my bike hit a tram and was taken away, so it's a bit disappointing for him, he has not been suspended and he has a police officer that is the same one that helped me off my bicycle," she said.

The woman said she had been walking the dog to a nearby neighbour's property but was concerned about it at the moment, as the tram could be disruptive.

"I wouldn't want people walking on the tram, I just don't want people walking over it because it may get very agitated,

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Fergie lets rip at nauseating arsenal of weapons during his "The Hills" live performance at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

Fergie, with his all-American style and big moustache, has become a rock icon thanks to one performance that will not be forgotten. As the host of the Tonight Show, the legendary entertainer rapped, in the presence of his wife, songwriter, producer, and keyboardist, with his trademark loud mouth, and then proceeded to rip some of the most revered albums and singles of this century, to be performed at the Fillmore East Theatre.

Check out the full video below.

As for the show itself, this isn't the first live show by Fergie, and probably won't be the last: He returns to the Fillmore East in September to perform at the Apollo Theatre, just as The Beatles performed a show last week.

Fergie's set also featured other notable performers, including his favorite actor, the legendary John Travolta, and an incredible performance by Dolly Parton, with whom he shares her stage stage name.

See Fergie perform "The Hills" live above, and catch the album art video here.

—Watch 'N Sync's 'Rock 'n' Roll Heaven' Live on NBC's Jimmy Fallon Tonight:

Rocky disaster centre opens ahead of floods in Lancashire

Celtic manager Gordon Strachan to remain in charge of club despite speculation about future

Celtic manager Neil Lennon has refused to rule himself out of a job after a decision on his future emerged.

The club made the unexpected announcement on Wednesday after chairman Peter Lawwell told the press "there will be no further discussion until there is a definitive answer" after Strachan met him at the club's Carling training ground on Thursday afternoon.

A new manager will not be made at the Carling ground until next week when manager John McGlynn will be able to formally sign his five-year deal.

The 26-year-old has yet to give a decision but if the Celtic boss is forced out in September, it will be his first since taking charge at his current team-mates from the 1999/00 season.

The news of Lennon's future did not emerge from Glasgow on Wednesday evening. It was only received on the club's official website after it was confirmed to be his wish not to comment on details until "the final decision has been made and all relevant paperwork has been taken".

Despite not naming a possible successor for the interim manager, it is believed the two sides are still close to agreeing a new contract at the club.

Strachan, who is under contract until 2017, has made it clear he hopes to stay as Celtic manager with the club in the Premiership while in charge of his current squad, so it is likely that he would then seek the post of Scottish manager in the January transfer window if that happens.

After last season's Scottish Cup fourth-round defeat at Rangers and last weekend's disappointing Champions League play-off exit to Sevilla, the mood within the club has soured, prompting the announcement of a new head coach on the club's official website.

A statement said: "Following discussions with the Chairman Peter Lawwell the club have made the decision to make Neil available for selection on a limited number of basis for the remainder of the season.

"There are no longer any outstanding demands on the club and Neil understands the need to manage with calm and focus."

A spokesman for the Glasgow club said: "The decision to appoint Neil as a new head coach in the January transfer window was made by the Celtic board at their annual meeting on Tuesday morning.

"This is subject to approval by the FA. No further statement will be given."

Neil Lennon (left) was pictured in a Glasgow hotel with owner Stewart Lansdown and executive chairman Gordon Strachan

The release of news of the new boss follows that of club chairman Stan Kirk, who is out of work and not able to travel for pre-season du

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